Who We Are

Bringing Transparency to Online Marketing

The first client of DLB Marketing was just a frustrated business owner who reached out to our owner Jessica Granade for help in 2014. They'd been paying over $7,000 a year for a vague 'Online Marketing' package that didn't seem to be accomplishing any of their goals. 

Jessica took the list of services the other company supposedly was providing, weeded out the 'fluff' and accomplished all of the same services while saving the client money and actually getting some real visible results. 

DLB Marketing wasn't even a real thought at that point. However, Jessica added a few more clients through word of mouth and continued to work a 'day job'.  In January of 2016, she officially started the company. 

Today we have a team working behind the scenes that help us service all of our clients who come to us for Web Design, Social Media Management, Media Placement, and more. 

We intend to stay fully committed to being a company that overdelivers on our services while remaining affordable and transparent about what we provide.